Spring Hill Aikido dojo

One of brisbane's great Aikido dojo's the Spring hill dojo in Bowen street was an institution offering aikido training mornings, evening and weekends. Today it is survived by many members who have gone on to open dojo of their own. 

Our own little Aikido Republic being one of them.

It opened in 1988 by  Wayne Murray-Driver who first opened Red Hill Ki Society training at Caxton Street Legal Services which then relocating to Spring Hill dojo in 1988.

It was upstairs above a futon shop downa little backstreet of Spring Hill, that was until the vacant lot across the road was truned into fancy apartments and the fate of the dojo followed suit not long after.

Spring hill dojo, Australia's largest Ki Society dojo and only full time dojo in brisbane for a long, long time. The dojo was based apve a futon shop and had classes almost everyday of the week. Run originally by the phenomally talented Wayne Murray Driver he retired under mysterious circumstances and the Hurley/Loader/Dows trio ran it together in harmony fo a short time with the dojo eventually becoming run principally by Hurley in the evening and s Dows in the mornings, with Hans Schrier taking an evening class as well. The dojo was sadly closed in 2002 and remodelled into chic apartments with the refugees moving to Coorparoo and Hill End. Yours truly took his Shodan there in 1998 I think with Connors and Jasper as well hearalding in a new age of students. Stoopman sensei took Ki classes there every wednesday night.

Looking for photos from the ol' dojo if you have any send me a line please.

Taking Shodan at Spring Hill dojo