On Self Defence and Violence

Self defence is a popular topic and there is a steady stream of enquiries asking about self defence. Aikido provides a nice framework for self defence. Here are some resources to get you started. As a starter please read 
Beyond self defence we hope you'll consider the study of Aikido with us
At some level most come to the Aikido dojo wanting to learn skills to deal with violence, yet our practice is quite somewhat from "real life" violence. Sure, the techniques we learn are derived from battlefield techniques practiced by the samurai, but its a few centuries removed from our daily lives now (not many of us wear body armour and carry swords around with us). Often in the dojo we .


The first series of articles is a good examples of Ki extension or awareness and comes to us courtesy of Australia's extensive collection of data on crime.

These statistics make for sobering reading. When incidents of sexual assault are closely examined we find that they happen mostly indoors and that the attacker is someone the victim knows. (And very often a relative.)  It really turns things like self defence training on its head.

On the subject of violent crime the statistics of incidents between those known to each other are alarming (80% of homicides, 60% sexual ) and in a home or dwelling(57% homicides, 67% sexual). 

According to the Australian Institute of Criminology only 6% of female homicides were perpetrated by a stranger

Over whelmingly the statistics point to common risk factors like young males (both the perp and victim), drugs and alcohol.