Paypal Payments

Please consider using PayPal for dojo running costs, it keeps the business of money out of the dojo and saves time before and after class, banking etc.  There are no discounts or financial incentives for doing so..its up to you. We have used Paypal for many years, its safe and secure and you don't need to disclose any financial details to us, only to paypal.
Mat fees
Introductary Trial (2 lessons)
(expires 3 months from purchase date)

Monthly subscription ($60 per calendar month)
you can cancel at anytime.
Single Months Mat Fee or 6 lesson prepay ($60 for calendar month, or 6 classes in advance)
 (expires 3 months from purchase date)

Monthly Subscription Discount ($50 per calendar month)
This reduced fee is for Black belts, members who have been with us for over a year and unwaged/full time students

To cancel a subscription

1.  Log in to PayPal

2.  Click History at the top of the page.

3.  Find the subscription in your History.

4.  Click the Details link for the subscription.

5.  Click the Cancel Subscription button.

Full Year  ($20)
(if paying before June 30)
Half Year  ($10)
if paying after June 30