Tae Kwon Do

Tae Kwon Do is a Korean art. It is an art that is similar to karate in many respects and known for its emphasis on kicks, in particular high kicks. The common folk lore is that these where used to bring down the gentry off their horses - though the truth is probably not quite so dramatic. Often you see Tae Kwon Do schools paired with Hapkido (see brisbane hapkido) so the students get exposure to not only kicking but also some grappling type stuff. Tae kwon do has recently come under a bit of a criticism because as an olympic sport its not possible to demonstrate everything and the rules cut down somewhat on the full scope of the art. 

We are happy to be sharing a dojo with some excellent Tae Kwon Do exponents, who offer classes a few times a week if you are interested please contact using the following form