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Aikido Yuishinkai UK brought together many groups that had at one time of another been students of Maruyama Sensei through the Ki Society. The largest of the two were the Isshinkai(headed by Dennis Burke) and the Banyu Hatten (haded by Geoff Flather) together with th eAikido in Daily Life run by the Cook brothers and then the Takgasharakai (orinignally Banyu Hattten members) or grew large enough (5 dojo) to affilaite directly. The Uk is uniqu in that there is a no chief instructor and the different organisation take turns hosting Maruyama Sensei

Aikido Yuishinkai Scotland

Aberdeen City Club, Aberdeen, Jo Duncan

Aberdeen University Club, Aberdeen, Jo Duncan

Robert Gordon University Club, Aberdeen, Atholl Buchan

Aikido Yuishinkai Wales

Pontypridd, Pantygraigwen Community Hall, Pantygraigwen Pontypridd
Rhondda Cynon Taff

Childrens Class (7 years and over) 6pm-7.30pm
Adult Class 7.30-9pm

Adult Class 7.00-9pm

Paul Williams

Aikido Yuishinkai UK

Andover, Hants

Isshinkai HQ, Fyfield, Andover, Hampshire
(Additional Information)Denis Burke

The Depot, Andover Region, Seb Martineau

D, E & S, Andover Region, Rick Campbell

Kimpton, Andover Region, Andrew Devereux-Cooke

Overton, Andover Region, Annie Willens

Salto, Andover Region, Nick Richmond

Tony O'Connor

London Isshinkai, North Kensington, Denis Burke

Exeter, Exeter, Nick Richmond

Portsmouth, Portsmouth, Kenny Burke

Taunton, Taunton, Alister Gillies

Taunton, Taunton, Vince Lawrence

Coldharbour, Surrey, Piers Cooke

Crawley, Crawley, Piers Cooke

Burwell, Cambridgeshire, Quentin Cooke

Cheltenham, Cheltenham, Craig Bridges

Shugenkai Oxford, Drayton St. Leonard Village Hall,
Oxford, Jeff Ball

Cumbria, Droomer Drive, Windermere, Cumbria, UK, Mike Haft

London Banyu Hatten, London Imperial College, Inge Peerlinck

Holcombe Club, Devon, Shaun West

East Budleigh, Devon, Geoff Flather

Exeter Countess Wear, Devon, Shane Haynes

Exeter Emmanuel Scout Centre, Devon, Geoff Flather

Exeter St. Loyes College, Devon, Geoff Flather

Scilly Islands, Isles of Scilly, Chris Hall