Daniel James - Head Instructor, Principal author

australia japan budo tour, photo courtesy Junshinkai
Daniel James has been studying Aikido since the early 90's after dabbling in a number of other arts. He moved to Aikido Yuishinkai when Maryuama Sensei emerged from seclusion in 2002 and established Brisbane's first Aikido Yuishinkai dojo at Griffith University. Under Daniel's leadership the club grew to over one hundred active members across several dojo.

Committed to learning and  'drinking from a flowing stream' he has travelled extensively overseas, including visits to Japan to study Aikido and attending ~50 national and international seminars including other arts as well. He has played host to several international instructors running national training camps in Brisbane. He holds dan grades from Aikido Yuishinkai and the Aikido Ki Society. Daniel is an outgoing and founding office bearer of the national body, Aikido Yuishinkai Australia Inc., holds a Blue Card from the Children's Commission Queensland and is a professional member of Sports Medicine Australia.

Daniel cites his major influences as: Michael Williams Sensei, whom he travelled to Byron bay regularly to practice with, Master Koretoshi Maruyama through national seminars and at his dojo in Japan and more recently David Brown Sensei through seminars and private training. He has published articles on Aikido in the academic press, Blitz magazine Australia and the American based Aikido Journal and also appeared on ABC television(see In the press)

Today he is an active researcher in elite sports monitoring for skill acquisition and performance enhancement at Griffith University after diverse experiences as a physicist including a period as a glaciologist in the Antarctic

See daniel-james.org for more information.